• Jul122020

    Otter Products Turns to Stratasys to Bring Design Intent to Life

    On Monday, Feb. 10, Stratasys extended its J8 series with a new 3D printer, the J826, making full-color, multi-material 3D printing more accessible for more product…

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  • Jun262020

    RIZE debuts the 2XC 3D printer – technical specifications and pricing

    RIZE has launched its new RIZE 2XC 3D printer. The health and safety conscious desktop machine is aimed at professional designers and engineers looking to produce…

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  • Jun252020

    US Air Force uses Senvol software to develop multi-laser 3D printing applications

    The US Air Force is using Senvol’s data-driven machine learning software for additive manufacturing (AM), to enable the production of large-scale aerospace parts using multi-laser 3D…

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  • Jun242020

    Greek researchers 3D print bioreactors for DNA amplification via FFF

    A team of researchers from the University of Crete have 3D printed bioreactors for DNA amplification purposes. By running through 25 different commercially available FFF filaments,…

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  • Jun232020

    UK researchers use FFF 3D printing to improve CSI analysis of skull fragments 

    Researchers from the UK-based Teeside University, have used 3D printing and scanning techniques to advance a key aspect of forensic investigation: Physical Fit Analysis (PFA). Utilizing…

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  • Jun222020

    How to Run a Remote 3D Printing Service

    From someone who ran a remote 3D printing service for years By Mike Moceri Can 3D printing services work as distributed teams? The short answer is:…

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  • Jun192020

    Treating bomb injuries in Syria with 3D printed ‘bone brick’

    Researchers from the University of Manchester have developed a simple and cheap method for repairing broken limbs using 3D printed “bone brick”, in response to the…

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  • Jun182020

    Researchers develop novel 3D printing method to improve understanding of human brain development 

    Researchers from Oxford University and The Chinese University of Hong Kong have devised a novel 3D bioprinting method to better understand how the human brain develops. …

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  • Jun172020

    Researchers successfully combat E. coli with 3D printed multi-drug delivery device

    A team of researchers from Zhejiang University and De Montfort University have 3D printed a multi-layer drug delivery device (DDD) capable of delivering more than one…

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